The Community Resource for Innovation in Polymer Technology (CRIPT) provides a platform for people working in polymer science and engineering to capture and share data. CRIPT is led by a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) along with collaborators in Academia, Industry, and Government, with support from the NSF.

Mission and Vision

Mission. Enable and empower researchers to capture and share polymer knowledge.

Vision. Our vision is establish a digital ecosystem of openly available polymer data and supporting tools, so that polymer scientists and engineers everywhere can leverage high-quality information and streamlined data workflows in the pursuit of constant innovation.

Benefits of CRIPT

Structure your Data

Our platform provides a variety of Data Management Features

CRIPT Editor

Our user-friendly interface, provides the community a real-time data graph feature, which is dynamically generated as users input their data and keep them informed with up-to-date visualizations.

CRIPT Excel Uploader

Utilize our user-friendly Excel Uploader for seamless data transfer. This specialized tool is designed for users dealing with big data and users who prefer Excel sheets as their primary choice.


CRIPT provides a seamless integration through our Python SDK.

The CRIPT Python SDK allows programmatic access to the CRIPT platform. It can help automate uploading your data to CRIPT, and aims to allow for manipulation of your CRIPT data through the python language. This is a perfect tool for users who have python experience and have large amount of data to upload to CRIPT.

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Bradley Olsen

Principal Investigator

Ardiana Osmani

Project Manager

Fatjon Ismailaj

Software Engineer

Dylan Walsh


Ludwig Schneider

University of Chicago

Jiale Shi


Nathan Rebello


Weizhong Zou


Klavs Jensen


Juan De Pablo

University of Chicago

Debra Audus


Kaoru Aou


CRIPT Partners

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